Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Brutus Adjustable Tension Gate Spring

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Stainless Steel Gate Spring Closer Adjustable Tension
Stainless Finish

About this product:

Made of stainless steel, this gate spring will push the gate back closed. You install one bracket to the gate and one to the post (see images below). The spring is always installed on the side of the gate that it swings toward (the side of the gate with the hinges showing) so that it can push the gate closed. Note in the photo below how the spring is installed upper-right to lower-left. The spring always needs to be oriented with the tensioning knob on top-right.

(shown in black finish below)



When you should use this spring:


  • for gates that are very heavy
  • for gates wider than 42-48"
  • for gates with narrow gaps between gate and post



  • 13-1/2" overall length
  • Spring measures 10-1/2" long x 1-1/8" diameter

Set includes:

  • stainless steel spring
  • fasteners
  • tensioning tool (can also use your own 1/4" socket wrench)

Brutus Gate Spring Installation Instructions:

1. Install spring with 4 screws so that the top (marked on tensioning knob) is positioned on the
upper right side (for both right side and left side of the gate installations).

2. Insert tensioning bar (supplied) into hole at 4 o’clock position on the tensioning knob.

3. Using the tension bar rotate the tensioning knob clockwise. Insert the pin into the first hole
that becomes available as the knob is rotated clockwise.

4. Rotate the tensioning bar counter clockwise so that the pin engages the back plate. Remove
the tensioning bar and check to see if the gate closes as required. If the gate closes properly
no more tension is required. If the gate fails to close then more tension is required. Proceed
to the next step.

5. Insert the tensioning bar into at hole at 5 o’clock position and rotate the tensioning knob
clockwise so that the next hole past the pin is available. Remove the pin and place it in the
next available hole.

6. Repeat step 4.




Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Swing Type:
Swing Type:
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