Shutter Hardware Set for Reverse Mount Installation (One Window)

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Shutter Hardware Package for Reverse Mount Installations

This is a complete set of shutter hardware to hang two shutters (one window).

This package is appropriate for most Reverse Mount Installations (read more info below about Reverse Mount Installations).

When the shutter is open: hardware is visible. Approximately .5" space behind the shutter to allow for ventilation.

When the shutter is closed: shutter sits in line with the window trim to cover the window opening. Hardware is not visible.


Ships within 3 days.

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Information about this carbon steel product:

The carbon steel is galvanized before being powder coated.  In addition the manufacturer performs a series of additional processes, including a 10-step passivation process, to ensure the highest level of durability.  These carbon steel products will last about 700 hours is salt spray testing, which is quite impressive compared to the competition.  Use these carbon steel products inland where there is little moisture and the environment is not harsh.  Regular maintenance such as lubricating friction points will allow your hardware to last a life-time.

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Shutter Hardware Research & Information:

To read our entire discussion on Understanding Shutter Offset and Shutter Hardware Installations. To see the entire collection of Shutter Hardware, read the 2011 Shutter Hardware Buyer's Guide.


This is a really fun installation because in the Reverse Mount Installation you can see the shutter hinges when the shutter is OPEN. This is for the client who wants their shutters to swing and be functional, but also wants to see the hardware when the shutters are open (which they are most of the time).

In this situation, the shutter needs to sit between the hinge and your structure when in the open position. The hinge is reverse-mounted with the beveled side of the hinge mounted to the front of the shutter.

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