Contemporary Ring Gate Latch Set (Stainless Finish)

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Ships Within: 3 days.

Contemporary Ring Latch Set - Stainless Steel
Included in Set: Two-Sided Gate Latch + Gate Stop

This Contemporary Ring Gate Latch accommodates in-swinging and out-swinging gates. On out-swinging gates, the latch-arm will be placed on the outside (street-side) of the gate.

This latch is available in a 5-3/8" length. The length is measured from the center of the ring handle to the end of the latch-arm. The finish is a matte stainless steel.

If you're interested in the look without the functionality of a latch, we offer a dummy ring handle. This latch is item 6149.

No handing is required for this latch. The latch is operable from both sides of the gate. Fits gates up to 5" thick.

This standard set includes:

  • Two-sided gate latch
  • Gate stop
  • Padlock eyes

Details of this gate latch: 

  • Material: Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
  • Mechanism: Gravity
  • Finishes available: Matte Stainless
  • Set includes gate latch set and gate stop, stainless steel fasteners
  • Fits gates up to 5" thick.
    For thicknesses less than 5", you can cut down the included aluminum spindle on site. 
  • Operable from both sides.
  • Suitable for in-swinging and out-swinging gates.
  • Handing not required with order.

Dimensions of the gate latch

  • Backplate: 2.5" w x 4" high
  • Ring diameter: 3"
  • Catch: 3/4" W x 3-3/4" H
  • Limiter: 3/4" W x 3-3/4" H
  • 5-3/8”" Arm Length (measured from the center of the ring handle to the end of the arm)
  • 1-1/2" projection on the latching side; 1" on the ring-only side

Important: Please check that the dimensions of this gate latch will fit your particular style of gate!

Ships within 3 days.



There are no options available for this handle.

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What is a gate stop? 
Gate stops can be made of wood or metal. The metal one included in this set is to be installed to the edge of the gate so that it catches on the post when the gate is closed.

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