Cast Iron Heart Style Thumb Latch with Straight Drop Bar

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Ships Within: 3 days.

9" Cast Iron Black Thumb Latch with Heart and Straight Drop Bar

This solid Cast Iron Thumb Latch pairs with an elegant straight drop bar to create a very traditional gate opener. On the street-side of your in-swinging gate you install the Thumb Latch, and on the yard-side you install the drop bar. This latch is suitable only for in-swinging gates. The latch is powder coated black.  

Details of this thumb latch

  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Mechanism: Gravity
  • Finishes available: Black
  • Set includes mounting hardware
  • Fits gates up to 2.5" thick 
  • Operable from both sides.
  • Suitable for in-swinging gates. 
  • Handing not required. 
  • Lockable with added deadbolt.
  • Ships within 3 days.

Dimensions of this gate latch

  • Pull Handle: 9" Tall x 2-1/4" Wide. Tail Piece is 3-1/2" long.
  • Drop Bar: 7-1/2" from pivot point to end (15/16" h at end of bar)
  • Catch Plate: 3-3/4"h x 1"w

Important: Please check that the dimensions of this gate latch will fit your particular style of gate!

Ships within 3 days.


Add A Gate Stop
  • No, no cast iron gate stop needed
  • Yes, I need a cast iron gate stop (additional fee may apply)
Technical Info

Hardware Tips

A Note About Gate Stops

If you're having a new gate built, be sure your gate provider makes and installs a gate stop for your gate. Gate stops prevent hinge, latch, and gate damage and prolong gate life. 

What is a gate stop?  Gate stops are typically made of wood running the entire length of the gate. They are attached to the jamb or post in such a way that prevents the latch bar/hinges/gate from taking the force of the gate closing (instead the gate stop takes the force). 

If you don't have a gate stop on your gate, you need one! If no gate stop is installed on a gate, and the hinges or latch fail from the stress of that, no replacement will be given. We do offer metal gate stops now that can be installed after gate installation (if a wooden gate stop has not been installed). In cast iron, we offer a coordinating gate stop.

About This Iron Hardware:

Iron can rust in outdoor conditions. The difference in patina is part of the appeal of choosing iron as your material.

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Ships Within: 3 days.
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