4.5" Stainless Steel Self-Closing Spring Hinge (Set of 3) - BLACK

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Ships Within: 5-7 days.

Full Mortise Stainless Steel Self-Closing Spring Hinges - Satin Black Powder Coat finish
4.5" x 4.5" with Square Corners (sold as set of 3)

These Spring Hinges are a great solution for doors, pool gates, or any gate you want to self-close. They have an adjustable spring so you can create the amount of tension you need.

These stainless steel self-closing hinges are the best choice for coastal locations. These are commercial-grade hinges. Fasteners are included. #12 x 1-1/4" size

For small/light gates and doors that for size reasons require two hinges, use two spring hinges.

For doors and gates between 100-150 lbs, use three stainless steel spring hinges.

Maximum Weight Capacity:

  • Two springs hinges: 70 lbs
  • Three spring hinges: 150 lbs.
  • Four spring hinges: 180 lbs.

Sold as Set of 3.


Please find links to where you can purchase different quantity sets and finishes in the Alternate Configurations section below.

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Satin Black
Stainless Steel
Mid-Century Modern
One year finish warranty. More details available here: http://www.pbbinc.com/website/General-Information/One-Year-Finish-Warranty.html
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