19" Aspen Decorative Hinge Fronts - Pair

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Aspen Hinge Fronts - 19"

These hinge fronts are made of rust-resistant aluminum and can be used on garden gates, driveway gates, entry doors, and garage doors.

Sold as a pair.

These dummy hinges are corrosion-resistant and suitable for use in coastal environments. Powder coated for further protection.

Note: These hinge fronts ship with wood screws. If you're going to install these to a metal garage door, you'd be safest using a sheet metal screw because the threads extend all the way to the head of the screw.


  • Actual length: 19"
  • Widtht at Flat End: 3-1/4"
  • Width at Tip: 1-3/4"
  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • # of Screw Holes per Hinge: 4

Item #: ALHF37009

Ships within 3 days.

Available in multiple sizes. Please find links to where you can purchase different sizes and styles in the Alternate Configurations section below.
Technical Info

Hardware Tips

More About Garage Door Hardware 

Decorative hardware for garage doors is a simple and very effective way to dramatically improve the appearance of your garage door or carriage house door. We’ve written up a quick run-down of decorative garage door hardware options:

  • Decorative Garage Door Hinges
    Decorative hinges for garage doors are a simple way to make a big impression. Choose a hinge style that complements your home’s aesthetic. They’re offered from contemporary to rustic to antique, so folks can usually find something they like.
    They’re also available in many lengths. There’s no ‘perfect’ answer for which length to choose. You may have length constraints based on the design of the garage door. You may want to make a huge statement with long dummy hinges, or be more in line with the scale of the house with a 12” hinge.
    With decorative hinges you also need to be sure that the projection (thickness) of the hinge will clear any trim or molding around the garage door opening.
  • Garage Door Pulls
    Many styles and sizes of garage door pulls are available. Be sure that the pull handles you choose will clear the frame of the garage door opening when the door opens and closes.
    Garage door handles come with wood screws. If you have a vinyl or metal garage door, you may need a sheet metal screw. Give us a call if you have any concerns about your installation and we’ll be happy to recommend the best choice.
  • Carriage House Door Handles & Hinges
    If you have actual carriage house doors, there are some gorgeous hinge and pintle options for hanging your doors. Coordinating pull handles make for a complete set.
    For folks with overhead garage doors that mimic carriage house doors, you can select a few pair of decorative hinges and a pair of dummy pull handles for the same visual effect.
  • Decorative Clavos Nails
    Clavos door nails are a decorative accent that adds the finishing touch to a garage door or carriage house door. These decorative nail heads can actually have either a nail shank or screw threads behind. They can be round, square, or pyramid shaped, and can be made of various materials like bronze, aluminum and iron. Clavos are usually used on a rustic, traditional or antique style home. A series of large clavos, for example 2” in diameter, spread across the arch of a carriage house door set can draw the eye. Likewise, smaller clavos nails can be used in place of wood screws to attach a decorative hinge to a garage door. Clavos add a depth dimension that takes the installation to a new level.


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