1" Distressed Square Iron Clavos Nail - Dark Bronze

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Ships Within: 3 days.

Decorative Square Clavos Nails

These 1" decorative clavos nails are perfect for adorning a gate or garage door. They are made of iron and powder-coated Dark Bronze.

Size: 1" square
Projection: 1/4"
Finish: Dark Bronze Finish (04)

The length of nail increases with the size of the clavo, beginning at 1/2" long for the smallest clavos.
Ships Within: 3 Days

Clavos Quantity

  • Pack of 5 Clavos
  • Pack of 10 Clavos
  • Pack of 50 Clavos
  • Pack of 100 Clavos

Please find links to where you can purchase different sizes and finishes in the Alternate Configurations section below.


Clavos Finishes

Available in these finishes:


Technical Info

Hardware Tips

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Q: Which Size Do I Choose?

A: People often wonder which size of clavo to use for their wood gate, door, or garage door. To choose the best clavo for your situation, you can ask yourself the following question: 

“Do I want the clavos to be a FOCAL point or an ACCENT ?”

  • Using Clavos as Focal Points: You might have a beautiful new 42” wooden gate and you want to make a bold statement with it. Go ahead and choose 2” clavos and go for it! You can also play with the quantity of clavos you use. Rather than spacing them infrequently, decrease the spacing and draw some attention! Another idea is to mix two different sizes of clavos to draw the eye.
  • Using Clavos as Accent Pieces: Even with the same 42” wooden gate mentioned above, you might want to highlight the gate’s inherent architecture. In this case, a simple array of 3/4" or 1" clavos would accent the gate but not take the limelight.

The bottom line is…do what works for you. If you want to go big (literally), go big! If you’d prefer something low-key and understated, so be it. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer. 

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Dark Bronze
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