Emtek Transitional Heritage Prosser Collection Cabinet Knob in Satin Nickel 1-1/8" size, Item# 86470US15
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Transitional Heritage Prosser 1-1/8" Knob - Satin Nickel Finish

Emtek Transitional Heritage Collection Prosser Knob Cabinet Hardware 86470US15 Satin Nickel

Product #: 86470US15

Finish: Satin Nickel
Material: Brass
Dimension: 1-1/8"
Base Diameter: 1-1/8"


Return Policy: These items can be returned within 30 days of receipt in unopened/uninstalled condition with a 25% restocking fee.

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Emtek finishes Transitional Heritage Knobs and Pulls

  • Item #: 86470US15
  • Manufacturer: Emtek

Transitional Heritage Prosser 1-1/8" Knob - Satin Nickel

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