Self-Adhesive Stainless Steel Door Numbers & Letters
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Self-Adhesive Numbers and Letters
Brushed Stainless Steel
 For Offices, Apartments, and Condos


These modern door numbers are 3" tall, made of solid architectural grade stainless steel. Brushed finish. They can be used in many ways to suit your needs. Choose from the full alphabet, numbers, and punctuation to create virtually any phrasing for your personalized metal office signs.

  • Apartment Door Numbers (e.g. "Apt. 4" or "4")
  • Conference Room Signage (e.g. "Conference Room")
  • Commercial Building Sign (e.g. "The Maynor Building")
  • Custom Office Signs (e.g. "Restrooms")
  • Dental Office Signs (e.g. "Exam Room 1")
  • Doctor Office Signs (e.g. "Reception")
  • Exam Room Numbers (e.g. "Exam Room B")
  • Hotel Signage (e.g. "Elevator")
  • Hotel Room Door Numbers (e.g. "423")
  • Inside Address Business Letters (e.g. "Suite C")
  • Medical Office Door Signs (e.g. "Dr. Johnson")
  • Office Door Lettering (e.g. "Lab"
  • Waiting Room Signs (e.g. "Waiting Room")

For Condo and Homeowner Associations, we offer a bulk discount of 8% and free shipping. Must order at least 30 numbers/letters. Enter coupon code "ASSOC". Please call us with any questions. 866-923-9273.

What's Available

Digits: "0", "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9". (The number 1/2 is subject to availability; please call).

Alphabet: The full alphabet is available in the HouseArt font 

Punctuation: Period, Comma, Plus Sign, Dash Sign, Arrow and Ampersand (&) (Call for availability)


  • Made of 2mm thick solid 304 grade stainless steel
  • Raw Brushed Stainless finish
  • Dimensions: 3" High
  • Installation Instructions: Thoroughly clean the area free of dirt and grease. Peel and stick the letters and numbers.


Return Policy:


This product can be returned in its original condition (original packaging intact, uninstalled, can be put back on the shelf directly) with a 10% restocking fee. If any effort is required to repackage or review the hardware, the restocking fee will be 25%. Customer responsible for return shipping. To initiate a return, please complete the Return Form.

 Lead-time is 3-4 weeks. 


  • Stainless Steel:
  • Suitable for Coastal Applications:
  • Item #: 0333RS-Adh
  • Manufacturer: HouseArt

Self-Adhesive Stainless Steel Door Numbers & Letters

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