Long Throw Double Cylinder Gate Lock (for up to 2")-Keyed Alike

Long Throw Stainless Steel Exterior Gate Lock with a Key on both sides and a stainless steel slide bolt on the other. Comes with 5 Keys.
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  • Item #: 149-012-6
  • Manufacturer: Gatemate

Long Throw Double Cylinder Gate Rim Lock
for gates up to 2” Thick

Choose This Product for Projects where you need multiple locks that are keyed alike

A surface-mounted outdoor wood gate lock with 316 stainless bolt

This fence gate lock is a surface-mounted locking slide bolt, which makes for a straightforward installation. There is a keyed cylinder on the outside and the inside of the gate; also on the inside is a slide bolt controlled by the key. One great feature of this security gate lock is the forgiving strike plate (keeper). Its size allows for a wooden gate’s expected growth and shrinkage over the seasons.

When you need to secure a gate, there are a few choices, including slide bolts and deadbolts. If you want to access the locked gate with a key, a deadbolt has been your only choice to date. But sometimes the structure of a gate won’t allow for the use of deadbolt. This product fills that need in a wonderful way. It is the most flexible of garden gate locks. With a 2-1/2" bolt throw, it can accommodate gates with a large gap between the gate and the post.

The cylinder is made of brass and has a brass trim rosette to create a nice finished look.  Body of lock is coated with a black epoxy finish.

NOTE: The cylinder is a proprietary keyway and cannot be rekeyed or duplicated. Set comes with 5 keys.  Because of the cylinder style, keys cannot be duplicated. Please order as many sets as you'll need (5 keys come with each set).


How It Works:

  • Inside: Locks and unlocks with key and slide bolt
  • Outside: Locks and unlocks with key


  • Brass cylinder with brass rosette on the exterior of the gate
  • Lock housing is coated with a black epoxy finish
  • Bolt throws 2-1/2”
  • Bolt is made of 316 stainless steel
  • Because this cylinder is proprietary, it cannot be rekeyed and additional keys cannot be made
  • Comes with 5 keys

NOTE: View or Download a CAD template of the Double Cylinder Long Throw Gate Lock at our Technical Information Page.


This product is meant for projects where you need mulitple locks, all keyed alike. If you just need one lock, or multiple locks that aren't keyed alike, choose the Long Throw Double Cylinder Gate Lock (for up to 2") instead.

There is an optional brass pull handle (with black powder coat finish) as a complement to the long throw lock. It is installed on the exterior of the gate around the brass cylinder and creates an easy handle to open and close the gate from outside. Measures 8” high. Add to your order below. To read more about the handle, click here.


Installation Notes:

  • Bore a 1-1/16” diameter hole through the gate to accommodate the brass lock cylinder.
  • Maximum gate thickness of 2”. With a 2” gate thickness, the surface of the keyed cylinder will be flush with the surface of the exterior of the gate. With any thickness less than 2" the remainder of the cylinder will stand proud of the surface of the gate.
  • Watch a fantastic installation video produced by Gatewrights in the UK (the product shown has a larger backplate than this product listing).


Set Includes:

  • Lock
  • Strike Plate (keeper)
  • 5 keys
  • Mounting screws
  • Round brass rosette to give the brass cylinder a finished look.

 (View from inside the gate)


  • Cylinder length:2”
  • Cylinder diameter: 1”
  • Brass Rosette diameter: 2-3/16”
  • Bolt throw distance: 2-1/2”
  • Bolt dimension: 11/16” square
  • Lock Body Backplate: 3-7/16” wide x 3-1/4” high x 1/8” thick



Return Policy: This product can be returned in its original packaging (unused and uninstalled) with a 10% restocking fee. Please contact us for return authorization.

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