Elise Modern Dummy Ring Handle
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Elise Modern Ring Handle

~ Dummy Handle Only ~


This dummy handle can be used on the second gate in a double gate installation or two can be purchased to use as decorative handles on a modern garage door.

     This modern ring handle is ideal for coastal locations. The Elise Dummy Handle is crafted of 316 Stainless Steel for the best protection against the elements. 

     When you've spent the effort and expense to design and build a unique modern or contemporary wooden gate, you need a modern gate handle to complement the design. The Elise Dummy Handle is that handle! 

FinishBrushed Stainless Steel.


Plate: 3-1/2"w x 4-1/2"h
Handle: 2"w x 4-5/8"h
Projection: 1"

Photo by T.S. Whalen.

    The Elise Modern Ring Handle is proudly made in Portland, Oregon, USA. Your purchase supports a small business and we appreciate it! 

Lead-Time: 1 week

To learn more about stainless steel hardware, care, and maintenance, visit our help page. 

Return Policy:

This product can be returned in its original condition (original packaging intact, uninstalled, can be put back on the shelf directly) with a 10% restocking fee. If any effort is required to repackage or review the hardware, the restocking fee will be 25%. Customer responsible for return shipping. To initiate return, please complete the Return Form.

  • Stainless Steel: 316
  • Suitable for Coastal Applications:
  • Suitable for In-Swinging Gates:
  • Suitable for Out-Swinging Gates:
  • Item #: Elise-Dummy
  • Manufacturer: 360 Yardware

Elise Modern Dummy Ring Handle

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